About Me - Napa Valley Journeys

Welcome! I'm Christine, writer and owner of NapaValleyJourneys.com.

I'm a passionate traveler to Napa Valley and love to explore this wine region as much as possible. Best of all, I enjoy sharing my discoveries in hope that you'll love it as much as I do.

That's why I started this website -- to share my real-world experiences and unbiased opinions of the places I've visited. 

Here you'll find:

  • Things to do in Napa Valley, from the adventurous to the pampering.
  • Where to stay -- whether you're looking for a quiet B&B, all-inclusive luxury resort or a budget-friendly hotel, I've got you covered.
  • Winery guidance from someone who's been there, drank that. I'll help you choose from the hundreds of wineries and get the most from your visit.

Want to know completely irrelevant things about me? I knew that you would.

  • When I'm not traveling -- and writing about it -- I spend time with family and friends, stroll through farmer's markets, browse bookstores, read (ALL the time), dabble in photography, dig around in the garden, play a round of golf, and do quite a bit of cooking.
  • I have a weakness for chocolate. I'm not sure I trust anyone who doesn't.
  • My favorite season is spring and always has been.
  • Red or white? Both.
  • I'm an optimist who will forever see the wine glass as half full.

Check out my blog page you'll always be the first to know about new goings-on and updates to this site.